The desert rose

Someone asked me why I'd name my blog 'the desert rose' — that it wasn't appealing and wouldn't get people interested. (He'd also pointed at a bunch of Wall Street guys — like they have souls –jk!)
And he's probably right, from a marketing perspective, this sounds like a perfume your great grandmother would wear after douching.

I can pick and describe every moment the desert rose has played some form of synchronicity in my life but there is obviously a more under lying meaning of why I picked it.
The meaning parallels Tupac's "the rose that grew from concrete" story.
The desert rose or the scientific name 'gypsum rose' is a crystal that's only found in certain parts of the world.
For me, I'm not Heidi & spencer – crazy about crystals, I'm just a sentimental person. (Some call it melodramatic, I say passionate)
When I'd discovered the desert rose I began to relate it to many points in my life.
I was born in the desert, I've lived in the desert one too many times. And in each setting there happened to be mass chaos or war, a mass crime epidemic, you name it – they call it Babylon for a reason.
Beyond the terrors in each real life moment I got to survive and not only that but actually learn from it, grow.
Desert roses are the longest living roses in the desert — it's rock like with scars that eventually create a sculpted rose.
People keep it around their houses as a way to unblock mental creativity and all of these other spectacular things, but for me, I keep it with me as a reminder.
It reminds me that although scarred and at times deserted, delicate to the touch but tough as a rock; there is so much beauty that a Rose can survive in the desert.

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