The beginning of the end

The past few nights I've found myself tossing and turning in bed. And just now, I've found myself woken up from a dream in which the narrative was that the world was coming to an end.
In my dream there seemed to be a room full of people and somehow I'd escaped the chaos and had gotten into my car and drove off.
I woke up and realized I was dreaming of the world coming to an end on a lonely Saturday night.
I'd gotten up to go outside where allies were lit by old bars and the voices of people chatting were being hovered by the music being played. The air was summer and the world wasn't coming to an end.
I started reflecting on a conversation I had with a friend who just recently ended a relationship. She'd mentioned the advice that I'd given her had stood out to her.
"It's normal for it to hurt right now. Just take that pain in day by day. Baby steps."
She made it a point to highlight how she didn't realize she had already been taking the pain in day-by-day but for months now.
I didn't realize how powerful that sounded until I realized that all of us have been enduring pain "day by day" — but for years.
Memories began to flutter my mind of the all the things that happened within the past year.
It was this past summer when hell had entered my life and it was this summer that I got to see it leave.
I wasn't mourning the loss of a relationship, no, it was a world I was saying bye to.

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