The Good in Goodbye

Life works much like batteries. If you don't find the right type; your product will not function.
It's not to say that if you choose the wrong batteries that they are completely useless, they just don't work for your given device.
In essence, no one is completely useless, they just don't work for you.
The thing about batteries is that you are usually given a manual on what ones are needed, unfortunately, life isn't that simple so instead you have to figure out who/what works for you.
Those who are lucky have discovered this much earlier in life.
To put things into perspective the things and the people that didn't seem to be compatible with you aren't useless, they're very useful; they get you closer to your purpose and teach you who/what you truly need.
I used to beat myself up over letting the wrong people into my life and questioning why the love I was giving wasn't reciprocated. I was resorting to anger and based my decision off of those emotions and later regretting my reaction.
It's a very self-destructive way to approach your problems because the universe will continue sending you the wrong people until you finally realize who you actually need.
And just like batteries; just because one didn't work on a certain product, doesn't mean that this said person/job/thing is horrible and a waste of space; it's just not for you. And that's ok.
I can't get mad at that anymore.
Being a Scorpio, I'm naturally vindictive. A quality about myself that I no longer wanted to carry but as soon as I started adapting this philosophy, which was very recent (lol, I'm a work in progress), I've not only witnessed things falling into place much better; I've noticed how calm I've gotten.
No longer do I blame myself or others for certain things not working out for myself… I guess that's what happens when you find the 'good' in 'goodbye.'

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