“Even white people are sick of other white people’s racist bullsh*t.”

With all that is happening in the world today, more recently, the situation in Charolettesville, it's hard to know who is truly on our side. And by 'our' – I simply mean the people (black, white, Latin, arab, Jewish, etc.)
However, when I tend to speak on racism I get criticized for having hate towards white people.
I don't like racist people and it just happens that when white people are racist they tend to create violent riots that we see on TV.
The title of this blog is a sign I saw at a protest and it couldn't have made me more happy… finally everyone is slowly beginning to realize how white racism is more effective on hurting people than reverse racism.
It's not to say that any type of racism is acceptable but based on my life experiences and those close to me; white people do have a rep for being overly racist.
I've noted that I'm an immigrant from the Middle East and although my race is considered Caucasian – I definitely don't identify with it. (Plus; race only dictates facial structure not color).
Most of the racist bullsh*t I faced was post 9/11. My parents moved into a suburb outside of Seattle which was extremely conservative and white.
People would throw rocks into our cars, vandalize our property and quite often I'd walk to my locker with the words: "Go back to your country."
I, as well as the 3 other brown kids in my entire classroom, would face a lot of micro-aggressive behavior.
To say the least I did not enjoy my high school experience and I've learned that when I choose to have children they will be raised in a setting that is more diverse.
However, I'm glad that I faced this adversity because it's made me a more open minded person and has allowed me to empathize with other minorities like myself.
The only thing I find comical these days is that racist white people get offended when we categorize them as racist – yet, in return, they've single handedly created stereotypes that have caused people of color injuries and deaths.
I even remember a former friend who confided in me that she was embarrassed of her Mexican boyfriend because being "Mexican" happened to be "embarrassing" – when I called her out on her ignorance she was offended by it… yet she was the one being racist. It's as if we aren't allowed to be offended but they can be offensive.
It's ignorance like that – that I can't stand.
It still makes my blood boil when I hear remarks like that – and in the past I'd react with ignorance but these days I've realized that some people are never going to get it – get me, get us.
I'm proud of my heritage but I'm also more proud I live in a country that's built off of diversity. I just hope people don't fail to realize that; because white, black, yellow and brown … we are all human, and the violence against people of color needs to stop.

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