I fly like paper, get high like planes.

My energy gets depleted when someone I'm around begins to compare our lives.
I guess it's the age of social media and people not realizing that we only post our highlights.
It almost takes people away from not realizing how most of us live like kings and queens compared to the rest of the world – and envying someone who is consuming more than they probably can afford is a big waste of time.
I was just hanging out with an old friend and they began to use the sentence I hate hearing the most: "I'm so jealous, you're so lucky."
Immediately my stomach turned.
My parents raised me to always stay grounded and humble. Having someone gleam envy on me means I'm doing something wrong.
My mother would always remind me that once I stepped foot outside of her house I was not allowed to think I was better than anyone.
Granted, people take advantage of that mentality, and they did one too many times, but I'm fortunate to have been taught humbleness at an early age.
And just like any other Arab mom, she made me aware of the evil eye, which caused paranoia for years until I discovered what it truly meant.
I was reading the "48 Laws of Power" one day and I questioned if my mother wrote the book.
Specifically one of the laws that advices you to never actually say how good you are doing because you will be looked at as competition.
'The evil eye' is given out of simple human envy – whether the human can control it or not – they are still going to feel envy and in return something bad will happen to you.
I've dropped the concept that the evil eye has mystical powers but that took a while.
I remember being 10 and ordering two ice cream scoops at Baskin Robins and later watching gravity eat it on the ground while my friend laughed.
Our friendship immediately ended — clearly her evil eye had some Matilda power– or so I thought.
That's what happens when you teach your kids mystical sh*t too early, they take it too literal.
This sort of thing happens everyday though.
Someone posts a picture of their fancy car logo with their nails just done, showing that they can afford a car payment and still maintain their beauty (or if it's a guy an expensive watch), your friends see it, the wrong person finds out where you're at because you tagged your location on twitter — and now you're robbed.
It sucks.
It sucks that envy has that much power but that's why almost every religion considers it a sin or something that's looked down upon.
Fortunately, with how I was raised, I was taught to be really thankful for the simple things like water, a roof over my head and clothes that kept me warm to the point where my friends share things with me that they know wouldn't be smart to put on social media — not because what they have doesn't hold value to me, I'm sure I'll want one too, but they know I'm admiring their happiness because our lives aren't like this all of the time.
The thing is, I'm mature enough to know that everyone has problems — so when someone wants to show off a highlight — I'm happy that they want to share their shine with me.
Now, are there people who shine brighter than a diamond? Of course.
Kylie Jenner may seem like she has it all — and she does on the outside and in her bank account — but I'd ask for a huge salary too if I had to sacrifice my privacy and dealing with pre-teens … I mean; Kylie can't possibly be comfortable with looking at herself in the mirror.
It's like that one Jay song 'Lost Ones' when he speaks on fame and how it's 'stronger than heroin, when you look at the mirror like there I am, and still not see what you've become, I know I'm guilty of it too, but not like them.' — and that wraps it up for why you shouldn't envy celebrity life.
Granted, I've learned not everyone is as conscious to the words they use and what they truly mean — but I take offense to that.
If you were to step into my home you'd say it's small and there is no tv. I no longer have a car. There is a train station right by my place. I work. I don't like alcohol or night clubs. I hang out with mainly one or two people that I love — that do things that are free to everyone or a small price. Do you know how much money I save when I keep life that simple?
Getting rid of your tv and cable saves you a lump of $300 a month (big fancy smart tv included) — that's one round trip plane ticket out of state a month or one 2 week vacation to Cuba by the end of the year.
But I'm the lucky one. And there is nothing wrong with having a really nice tv with lots of channels — just don't say you're jealous of me.
And beyond that, what my American friends fail to realize is that I came from a war torn country, of course I'd choose the luxury of traveling over the luxury of materialism.
At least you gain from investing in your experiences rather than shoes and cars that devalue each time you use them.
It's also not to say, that if I had it, I would be this cheap.
No way, I'm buying a jet. Haha!
And I definitely wouldn't post pictures, the last place my evil eye paranoia needs to come into effect is on a plane, lol!

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