The eclipse

As the eclipse approaches – mercury is in retrograde – and the media is reminding us that the world is coming to and end … it’s hard not to let it all get to you, lol!

But seriously, during every full moon there seems to be a nostalgic crisis.

It’s the time where I push myself to get my to do list done, reorganize my place, change the shape of my eyebrows, toss out make up & shit that I used to use to make myself feel better, count my calorie intake, write a million notes in my planner — all — to keep me distracted from my thoughts.

It’s the full moon that gives me no choice but to be very reflective of my past, present and future.

Although Instagram is filled with nice reminders that we shouldn’t live anywhere but in the present — I like to think that’s a little bogus to never remind yourself of where you came from and plan for what you want in the future.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The point of all of this is to say, I’ve been finding myself fixated on comparing my past with my present and dictating what I have to do to make my future achievable.

Surrounding yourself with people/things that serve you is crucial in exponential growth.

So it seems that the few days before the full moon I’ve been super skeptical of who’s been feeding me energy and who’s been taking it.

I’ve watched how the people I have around reciprocated my energy and I had to use examples of red flags from my past to ensure that it was okay.

Constantly listening to my gut feeling when I’m in a certain location to see how my soul feels about it.

It sounds like a bunch of gypsy and incense talk ; but paying attention to the small details of life has put me in better place.

I’m more in tune with the universe – or at least, I’m trying to be.

So, when the question of who I wanted to spend time with when the moon is in Aquarius – I decided it was only comfortable to spend it alone or around people I didn’t know.

What a strange medium – but I think spending the most time alone is what I need in the next few years.

And I’m just going to assume that if I’m around people that don’t know me; I’d be less distracted.

I have a lot of energy I need to harvest. It seems for years, I’d been giving it to everyone and everything but myself.

This becoming of the moon has made me respect myself more — and with that I mean — reserve my space, a bit more.

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