Head phones.

Within the last 24 hours I had the privilege of living bi-coastal.

My flight had been cancelled so the only other one that was available was a red-eye. I had 15 minute to get ready and rush to the airport.

Naturally, I’m a very impatient person – but to say the least, I get things done in a very timely manner – I just annoy the sh*t out of everyone around me in the process.

Quite often I’ve been told that I rush through life like a New Yorker – ha, why do you think I love this state?!

I admire myself for being able to think fast and act on it but I know that when I’m racing with my own pace that it can come off as rude to others — and so while I was rushing to get ready in 15 minutes, I decided I was going to take my time.

I’m not a billionaire/millionaire – movie star living – girl/person.

I really came from nothing so when I get an opportunity to travel I know it’s a luxury that I used to not have and that many people don’t get to.

So I decided to not be such an asshole since life was being kind to me.

God was testing me though.

First of all I was so proud that I’d made it on time to my flight, I almost missed it with my new “smell the roses” mantra.

When I had a second to go to the duty-free shop, two customers aggressively cut in front of me.

The first one took a good 500 seconds pulling out her wallet – and the other rushed to get in front of me just to pay for things in quarters, dimes and pennies.

The old me wanted to have a melt down and lecture everyone standing in line on how proper line etiquette works; have your money ready before hitting the cash register so that you save everyone time.

But I just took a deep breath and let it pass.

I hopped on to my flight just to find out that I was stuck between a couple who was fighting.

Luckily the flight included ear plugs and a sleeping mask — but it wasn’t enough to not hear Linda tell Bill that the headphones were in his bag … ten times.

I so badly wanted to lift my covers off and tell Bill for the 11th time that Linda didn’t have his headphones.

Finally, my plane arrives to the given city.

I jump on the wrong train until I get on the right one and by then my phone is at 20%.

I decide to make friends with a group of frat boys because I’d figure they’d have a juicer – and what do you know they did!

But the whole time I was charging my phone one of them kept farting and yelling: “hell yeah b*tches.”

And to think it didn’t get worse, I take a peek at the guy sitting in the front and he’s taking pictures of his you know what – and sending them to someone else while his girlfriend walked to the restroom.

It seemed that I was traveling through chaos and all I had was this frat boy’s charger and my sanity.

Who would’ve guessed that a train headed to a nicer part of town had so much mischief!

By the last stop, everyone was off…. including me, I was supposed to get off two stops ago.

I decided to sit on the bench and wait outside to meet with my friends.

Suddenly a line of taxis passed me each one asking if I needed a ride.

After 30 million “no thank yous” in a row.

I took a deep breath and realized that life is so much easier with headphones.

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