“Fresh air” in a bottle.

It’s getting to that coldest time of year – the year that I’d rather be locked up inside.

I’m ashamed to admit that if it wasn’t for my daily workout routine and dinner dates, I’d never leave the house.

But being inside too much can get to you after a while.

After-all, melting shea butter in a double boiler, whilst mixing up a concussion that gives you enough benefits of turmeric without the yummy but overbearing spiciness, starts to make for nothing after you’re fully moisturized and fed.

Well, not nothing, I enjoy being a homemaker – I just need more time to focus on creations I’m more interested in devouring further projects into.

I decided to go for a 20-30 minute jog. It was nice seeing the yellow leaves cloud the skies above me.

When I had finally reached the park, I’d reached into my pocket to take a picture of the city skyline resting on the water.

A bridge stood above my head and the wind was knocking out a few branches – and suddenly, every millennial’s worst nightmare – the phone died.

I wasn’t too put off- I’d deleted social media 3 days ago.

I figured the virtual world was only clouding my mind with pointless information.

As I was jogging around and back to my apartments – I felt like I’d finally made peace with some parts of my mind.

Until I looked at the clock in my building and realized it was almost 11 a.m. or so –

I’m beginning to think my days would be easier if I just woke up later – a habit I’ve been trying to break for years but something seems to be stopping me from naturally waking up at 7:00 a.m.

Waking up with the sun is spiritual!

It doesn’t matter anyway. I guess, it’s only time before I’m on board with going to another city – state or even country.

Now, I’m nestled in bed – when I should be on my way to get a painting framed and probably get some more of this “fresh air.”

If only I can bottle this fresh air and sell it.

Sigh, I just miss the summer.

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