The Calvinist

Out here, the sun shines in an amber shade.

It’s fall after all.

I’m waking up with the sun today.

I’m taking a hot bath as the cold pressing freeze from November’s breath wraps around my neck – making the tiny hairs stand up.

It’s only nice days ahead of me now.

I might take a run at the beach and watch the waves comb into the crust of the earth that I’m standing on.

I might read by the fire and watch nature from the large windows.

I might enjoy some tea when the sun goes down around 4:30.

Highlighting the clouds with rays of pink and orange.

Life just began to get more pleasant. So, why bring up the past anymore?

Why would I let a ghost haunt me in a beautiful home when I have the power to see other things?

It’s only when you choose to see the good – that you do the good & live by it.

That’s my only promise to this life – I will no longer take it for granted.


Strange, how I can’t seem to pin this one question I’m so curious about:

Did I appreciate life more when the things around me became more beautiful?

Or did my expressing gratitude before the ‘come up’ – create this beautiful world around me?

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