A spiritual cleanse with maple syrup

I’m sitting by the fire forecasting my aspirations at the beginning of this cleanse.

Two of my girl friends and I are beginning a spiritual & physical cleanse for 6 days.

The first three days will be strictly green smoothie drinks — three a day (breakfast/lunch/dinner) — plus as much herbal tea + water to go with it.

I’m also starting each day with a shot of diluted acv and ending each night with a laxative tea.

On day 4, we will begin the master cleanse. Which is basically a lemonade that has the magic potion of maple syrup (to keep your energy up) and cayenne pepper (to surprise your appetite) mixed together.

I am aiming to do the master cleanse for 3 more days making the cleanse a total of 6 days — and maybe 7 if I can keep it up.

My main goal is to detoxify my body. I do believe ingesting a lot of toxins in the past has a link with my happiness and energy levels.

So, in short, I’m hoping that this cleanse does just as good for my body as my mind.

When I began fasting last summer, I learned the power I had instilled in me to commit to something more spiritual.

Learning to say ‘no’ to a craving and having your body follow makes you more in tune with your power.

The health benefits at the end came as a bonus.

So, here’s the beginning of the cleanse.

To spiritual cleansing, a better functioning digestive system and most importantly to health and life.

I’ll try to jot down my thoughts and daily doings.

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