Jotting thoughts,

So, the day began with me carrying my laundry downstairs to find out that the basement had a leak.

Having handymen in the House isn’t the funnest way to start out the day but it did excuse me from the morning workout with the trainer.

I’m on day 2 of this ‘power cleanse’ — that’s what I’ve called it.

I mashed up tropical fruits with kale and spinach and bit of flaxweed with a vegan soy free protein powder.

I was tempted to place some whip cream with a raspberry — but that would’ve destroyed the purpose.

Oh and excuse the protein powder mess — I didn’t get a chance to clean it because I woke up 2 pounds lighter and hungrier. Hence, why I’ve added the protein powder. I want energy for my work outs & not to lose any muscle weight in the process.

I haven’t read anything bad about this brand. I’m almost sure it might be okay since it keeps me content in energy.

I guess it’s only two of us girls doing the second day. Although my only partner left is switching to soup, since it’s too cold outside for frozen veggie drinks.

I’ll stick to shakes because it’s easy — plus anything will be better than the tough 3 days with the master cleanse. There is so much informations out there and in books that describe this cleanse as one of the best for your digestive system.

After years of abuse to my organs — whether it was flaming hot Cheeto puffs (just typing that my mouth almost watered) — or any gas station delicacy I used to splurge on — I can no longer get away with it!

It’s helped that I don’t need a car in the city so I’ve avoided most gas stations.

And I’ve also made a habit of acting like I’m on a ‘find the healthiest things mission’ at the grocery store, just so I don’t walk out with some foreign candy that has loads of yummy chocolate fillings… I CAN’T!

This cleanse is harder than I thought. Im soon to be beginning my morning beach run — and then after that HOURS of avoiding food related activities — and jeez, why is most of what we do surrounded around consuming food?

And one last thing – you know you’ve truly grown when these little guys don’t scare you anymore.

In the past I’d make someone else kill it – but I was guilty by association.

Instead I freed it – praying to God that it wasn’t like the last one who got out from underneath the cup. 😉

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