Beach gypsies

Cleanse update:

It’s the third day. I cheated a little last night — after working out I felt a little too hungry and decided to sauté some spinach + a green smoothie. This cleanse isn’t necessarily about me starving myself – it’s about the wellness of my health — which means not harming myself by fainting — duh!

I’m continuing on the final date of the green part!

So far, my skin has cleared up dramatically, I have way more energy in the morning, I’ve lost 3-4 lbs. And, yes — I can feel my gut cleansing itself — and although it’s weird, I’m proud of my body for functioning — I don’t think you get thankful for this kind of stuff until you take it for granted, so that’s something beautiful to celebrate.

This was taken on my run yesterday at the beach.

It was so beautiful, it was as if the ocean was flirting with the moon. The water’s tides sprawled out in a very mesmerizing rhythm.

It was as if it was playing with my feet as I ran. The pressure of the tide seemed to come by me in a soft playful way, yet, I had to pick up my pace when this sweet greeting turned into a childish splash.

Was I having a moment with the water? I’m one with nature when I run – I think that’s why I’m starting to love running.

This was the Sun on the other side saying bye to the Moon – and also warming my back as I ran along the shore.

As I was finishing up my run the water continued to reflect the blue and pink tones of the sky. The Moon gazed back setting a glaze on each wave – and then suddenly a group of young people in their 30s-or-so ran up to the shore dancing with loud music coming from a van.

There was nearly 30 of them.

As we got closer to our car they began to smile at us — in such a way that they were asking us to join.

I, for one, did not have the typical childhood camping experience — as mine was in a refugee camp — so being the inexperienced negative Nancy I was — I was convinced they were a cult of some sort. Ha!

I wanted answers! But I couldn’t muster up the courage to fake a ‘kumbya scene.’

Instead, I got out of there to prepare my third smoothie. Lol!

So now I’m greeted by the warm sun and an Egyptian chamomile tea.

Another day of this cleanse & then 3 more with the master cleanse.

Ah! Will I survive?

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