The world is my bath tub

Let me start off with the Atlantic Ocean from yesterday afternoon . It was in a charming hue of warm blues. I felt like I was running in my bathtub!

I was inspired so I made a bath this morning. (Going to throw this pink flamingo bath bomb in!)

The 3 day veggie cleanse is complete! Taking a 1 day break before the master cleanse.

Like I said, I feel lighter and more cautious about what I put into my body.

So, I will definitely do this cleanse more often as it doesn’t starve me of nutrients.

I was sad to wake up this morning. Heading back to the city is always fun but leaving sagaponack is not.

See what I mean? I can wake up to this place everyday and not get sick.

Now, I’m just enjoying this pink bath with Epsom salts.

This year is coming to an end!

This time last year was so tough for me. I was in-between jobs, working all night, packing up boxes to move and wondering how long I was going to live that way.

I was extremely depressed — even suicidal — I just wanted things to change so badly.

It’s extra hard being a girl and doing everything on your own out in this big scary world. Sigh.

And boy did I catch a break because this time this year – right now – I’m doing great.

Finally! My hard work caught up with good timing.

It surely was a rough last year and this year kind of became about healing myself.

As soon as I started focusing on that – things started to all add up.

I’m ashamed I didn’t start this journey earlier but I’m glad I’m on it now.

And I’m truly excited for 2018. I feel like I did a lot of cleaning up to prepare for this year.

I’m 26 now.

I feel like I’m starting on a brand new canvas — but with little scratches because although my past may be painful – I can still take the lessons I learned from those memories.


But I plan to make this the year of finding my purpose and embarking on it.

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