Past lives

Winter time is absolutely beautiful in New York City.

Just one of the many jaw dropping building decorated in the finest Christmas glamour!

It’s so beautiful to see people from all over the world walk along the side of stores, parks, art galleries … ah, New York makes me happy.

Although the last few days have been tough – I’ve been managing by keeping up with my diet and exercise.

Waking up at 6 am in the morning, drinking acv water and jogging 3 miles first thing is what I call structure.

This wasn’t today, this was last week out in Sagaponack. If you look closely that’s me running under the moon and by the ocean.

So, running is my thing now. I’ve been getting 1 mile done in roughly 6-7 minutes.

Which is a big change compared to my past life.

Woohoo! I get to say past life now that I’m 26. Which brings me to an important point…

I remember a friend shared a belief with me about how they perceived past lives – and that we experienced them right here on earth.

This thought came to me again when I hung my second Klimt painting up.

It’s called ‘The Virgin.’

(P.S. – don’t mind the clutter on the coffee table – I don’t like clear coffee tables during the cold winter. Books and candles everywhere.)

Klimt painted it as an ode to the revolution of woman.

Supposedly, the narration is that it’s one woman with 4 different personality – and the extra one is the birth of a new generation.

It seems to strengthen my belief that we are allowed to be different people in different times of our life.

That’s growth. That’s experience. That’s living in the now.

And like Klimt, we should celebrate it’s madness by seeing the beauty in it.

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