I’ll be home for Christmas.

Next week I’m heading to Seattle for Christmas.

I feel so-so about my visit.

On one hand I’m excited to see my family and to be greeted every afternoon with a home cooked meal.

On the other hand I’m not necessarily all that excited about being in Seattle for 9 days.

Maybe New York City spoils me a bit too much, but I’m just so over my home town and everyone in it.

I’ve been out of that city for almost 3 years. In the past, old friends and acquaintances would make plans for us to meet… and to be honest most of those “meets” turned into: “let’s pry on this outcast’s life.”

“Where do you live? Is it an apartment? How much is the rent? What do you do? Don’t you have to take a bus everywhere? What do you really do?”

Or worse, they bring up old drama that I’ve most likely forgotten about — and would like to.

I wish I could detail every encounter I had with an old friend from back home and tell you how ridiculous they got.

I mean, I get it. Most people don’t have the guts to move to New York City, let alone, leave their hometown.

And that’s fine – but what these people don’t understand is that it’s not easy making that big move.

Anyone who’s moved to New York City from a way smaller city has dealt with the following:

– cockroaches

– getting robbed or scammed by an apt landlord

– having to deal with relocating to the biggest city in the world and not knowing one person (aka getting LOST – constantly)

– cockroaches

– learning how to live on bread & oranges because it is one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.

Along with carrying your clothes to and from the laundry mat and having to think fast on your feet when a train shuts down: New York is not easy but it’s worth it.

And that thought alone pisses people off that I did it.

I made it happen. When I came to this city I had one friend who advised me a lot and came through when needed — but besides that it was me.

And somehow my hard work and perfect timing caught up, and I finally made it out of the trenches.

Unlike those who ran away at first sight of risk and fear – I, like many New Yorker’s, endured and stayed.

Writing this all out makes sense… maybe Seattle needs me for motivational speeches. Hah! Right.

One things for sure. When you leave your hometown – everyone is counting on you to come back and admit it didn’t work. When they find out that it’s New York – the bets are high that you’ll fail. When you don’t fail….

Well, it should be an interesting Christmas.

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