How to: New Year

It’s best to start a new year with very light baggage. In order to achieve this balance you must start with a clearing. Delete contacts, pictures, messages, e-mails and anything that no longer serves you.

Dedicate one day off to cleaning your home. Look through files and toss out documents that you don’t need anymore.

As you reorganize your place you may run into incomplete projects, unpaid bills and perhaps a pair of jeans you bought that are too small now. Place those things aside and create a to do list that you can carry out into the new year. Remember, it’s impossible to not have a little baggage – the idea isn’t to be neglectful of your past, it’s about mending what you can and leaving what you can’t.

The incomplete projects? Make it a goal to complete for next year. In fact, write down all goals you want to achieve for 2018.

The unpaid bills? Either pay it off or call the company and ask if they can break it in to small monthly payments.

The jeans that no longer fit? Donate them or hang it in visible sight as a way to keep you inspired by your new fitness goals. It’s better that your old jeans are inspiration versus a photoshopped image of a model.

Last but not least spend the last remaining moments of the old year with thoughts of good memories, accomplishments you’ve made and the people you’ve met that made 2017 better.

It’s your choice on how you want to enter the new year. My own experience is how things have played out for me.

Alone: Starting the new year out alone is actually much healthier than starting it with people you are uncertain about. When alone either join a big crowd of people you don’t know or enjoy the moment alone in the comfort of your own home. In either surrounding you should speak or pray to yourself the things you want to manifest for the next year. We tend to be more of confident among ourselves or people we don’t know so starting a new year this way will actually develop more self-awareness, confidence and growth.

Friends & family: it’s crucial that you are around people who love you just as much as you love them. You’ll enter the new year with more strength in you and your community. Each member should speak on what they want to achieve the following year. Saying it out loud and around people who believe in you is very powerful. Just try it and you’ll see. If you have no choice but to be around a family member who you aren’t a big fan of – instead of picking them apart, look at their negative traits and recognize if these traits exist within you. Remember, life is all about learning lessons, to save yourself from learning he hard you must learn from others. This same reason doesn’t give you a right to judge anyone, we all grow at different paces be kind and don’t let this distract your intentions for the new year.

Lover: To be honest, I never got a chance to spend a new year with a true love. However, I do believe that love is the most powerful thing in the world… so I can only predict great outcomes.

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