White Christmas in White Seattle.

It was a beautiful white Christmas in my hometown.

And although we don’t celebrate Christmas in our household, I got to enjoy my time reading a book by a fireplace.

Oh, the memories of being Muslim during winter break were coming back.

I hated coming back to school after winter break, everyone was talking about Santa Claus and all the gifts he got them for being so good.

I remember hearing all of the delightful rumors of Santa, and then later, waking up early in the morning on Christmas Day to find out he didn’t like how I was behaving.

And, unfortunately, that was most of my life in Washington State. And like many other minorities — it’s hard to fit in when the state is predominantly Caucasian.

But the issue isn’t with the demographics — it’s the fact that everyone raves about the Seahawks. I personally never understood the hype — and although, I’ve been to quite a few games (on invite only), I never really watched.

I was more into the art scene, but I didn’t fit in with that crowd. I’m not into romanticizing low lifestyles – yet, turning my nose up when actual people of lower life styles come around. Like, please, quit your job at the coffee stand and let mom & dad pay for your college tuition.

I’m not going to completely sh*t on this city. It doesn’t deserve that. I just didn’t fit in — and I’m glad I didn’t. Because now I’m in NYC. (But it feels good talking shit! Ha)

Seriously, I walked around downtown today — running errands. And I started to realize this was going to be my last visit (for a long time).

And although the city has it’s own charm — I’m so happy I outgrew it. I couldn’t imagine restarting life here.

Like, what would I be doing? Raising children in the rain while they wear Seahawks’ colors for spirit day.

Oh, GOD, I can’t believe I just imagined that in my head. Take me back to Mr. Sagaponack and NYC. Forever, till death do us part.

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