When one domino falls they all do. The domino effect.

In the past 6 days I hadn’t worked out.

Could you blame me? It was a snow disaster in NY. The cold breeze alone feels like a slap in the face.

So then I moved less, ate more and started looking out of shape. I then found myself attracting a gossip-filled phone call that I was trying to avoid.

After, I got off the phone I had to clear my mind. I looked out the window.

The moon was peeking through.

It’s a new year, and to those who don’t know better would say that I’ve already failed.

But I didn’t. Growth doesn’t spurt from just a new year going by, it takes years.

Can’t be perfect every second, but each second I’m aware of, the less hard life seems to be.

So, today and for the rest of the year I’m going to get back into the groove of things.

I didn’t get this far to let something as small as cold weather stop me in to going back.

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