Life is a video game

I was reading this article about how one should go on about life when dealing with Post concussion syndrome.

The author, who suffered from this mental ailment, wrote about how he pictured his life as a video game.

The parallels he used were quite interesting to me.

For example, he was obviously the main character in his video game — a superhero — and he based real life decisions/scenarios on a point system.

– Eating healthy would get you more points and you’d win.

– Doing something unhealthy (or not aiding your healing process) would make you lose points.

– the bad guys were the symptoms of PCS & you had to battle them with knowledge that you acquired.

I’ve never experienced a traumatic concussion, thank God, but I did identify with a lot of the symptoms of PCS.

A few in particular: mood swings, irritability and depression.

His method explains that when one recognizes these symptoms — much like a video game — you can direct the player (YOU) to control it.

For example, your character is depressed. The video game options to revive the player can be doing things like exercising, eating healthy or chatting with a friend.

Or, if one runs into anxiety aka the bad guy — the character must use the super power of meditation to defeat it.

The list goes on — in essence, this analogy helps you get a better grip on your psyche.

I believe, often, we forget that we have the power. We let things like fear and anxiety hold us back from discovering that we are in charge.

What’s interesting about life — and I’m slowly learning this — some have concussions and have to learn about their power through a syndrome. Whereas, others witness traumatic events (wars, natural disasters, sexual assault, etc.,).

I’m going to continue using this method and seeing if it actually works — I feel like I’ve done a lot healing work & now it’s time to gain some power back into my life.

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