Bugs life

He asked me when I felt the loneliest and I began to think of a certain time.

“I don’t know there were lots of times.”

A large green spotted spider was marking it’s territory above our heads.

“When I saw spiders or just bugs in general, I remembered how lonely I was.”

I would be so frightened that I couldn’t sleep for nights. Imagining one crawling all over me.

There was a scorpion I had stepped over in Nevada. A New York City cockroach, that was the size of my pinky finger, strumming along my balcony in my first sublet. The two large spiders that greeted me in the corners of my room in Seattle.

Meanwhile, on this trip I just about let everything crawl on my skin, even walked amongst creatures I’d usually scream at.

We were staying in a glamping lodge above the jungles of the OSA Peninsula, where the animals lived amongst us. I had no choice, the fear could no longer consume me.

Suddenly, I began to think… I was no longer afraid of these funny critters.

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