Out of body experiences

A friend and I were discussing outer body experiences. She was experiencing them very often and didn’t know what they were. I was explaining to her that this was something fortunate to experience.

In meditation, ones goal is to experience this ‘high.’

It won’t make you jump off the walls like amphetamines or take you into a dreamy trance state like opiates — instead, it’s a high that actually lifts you.

I was climbing up the steep steps from our lodge to the main area. It’s about a half mile hike and it burns.

It was 7 A.M. and I ran up each step with pure joy. Suddenly, as I got to the middle–the outer body experience happened.

My perspective changed. I was now viewing a young woman, in shape, successfully running up a steep hill — in Costa Rica. In fact, in one of the most lush-filled parts of the country, where nature has brushed each mountain with green landscapes that have given life to just about everything around it: including this woman.

I couldn’t believe it was me.

I’d snapped back into my body and continued the run.

Out of body experiences come with the practice of gratitude and meditation.

Gratitude — because constantly being grateful for the little things will add to your life & it will have you living in abundance and joy.

A year ago from that day, I wasn’t in the best place in my life. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to run up any hill — but I did show gratitude in my surroundings.

I remember climbing up the steps to my apartment and being in awe of the grape leaves and vines that laced around the fences. I remember waking up before sunrise and riding over to the mountains, just to get a peek at the sun. At the time, if I only focused on how hard things truly were, I would not have noticed how beautiful things were around me.

Meditation – because meditating declutters that mess in your head. It helps to bring you back to that one voice that is there to guide you.

When I had completed the mini-hike, I realized that the seed I planted was finally growing. Among the 500 year old trees that surrounded me, was me: a human experience that’s so far lasted 26 years — and many more to come.

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