The thing, the thing.

This blog has become a seg-way to what I’ve been really pouring my heart into. It’s like writing on this unpredictable canvas just helps me cross information (such as my voice & settings.)

I’ve noticed that it’s also aided me in maintaining my goals.

I don’t want this project to turn into a lifetime soap opera, as I’ve previously stated.

I’m spending a lot of time perfecting this craft. I’ve nuzzled my nose into some ancient readings, written before the Bible, I’m formatting my own unofficial study.

Malcolm X did it in jail… not that I’m Malcolm X or in jail. Just saying, teaching oneself is possible & you can do great things with it.

Anyways, creating your art goes hand in hand with caring for yourself. I may have to work much more longer than 10 pages for 30 days — it may be longer, with revised work.

This is my new project now. And I’m excited.

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