Meeting myself

In the process of evolving, I’ve lost the old me and I’ve been in the process of meeting who I’m becoming.

In my early 20’s, I became obsessed with how others viewed me. I would be on trend with the cosmetics and everything that made one more beautiful.

And then, one day, I got on my knees and I prayed for love and change. A storm brewed up shortly and my world turned upside down.

I wanted to grow up but I wish it didn’t hit me like hurricane Katrina. :/ (but it had to, I was too stubborn).

Almost 2 years later (in October it will be 2 years) I’m greeted with an entirely different person.

I love it. I love her. I love me — the most, more than anyone.

I don’t miss any ritual I used to engage in, I have new ones that are much better for me…but…I do miss how sure I was of everything I was fond of.

It’s a back and forth kind of thing. I’m told that once you turn 26, life starts to peddle pretty fast towards 30.

So, at 26, I pray to find my purpose. Whether it’s hidden in large bold fonts in a magazine. Or, maybe, an inspiring quote from all the tea bags I’ve steeped. I’m waiting to indulge in it — still, enjoying this journey.

One mistake I made in my early 20s is finding success but also using it towards no greater good — which left me empty and disgusted with the results. So, I guess… that’s why I’m overly excited to run across it…

But maybe… I don’t have to run this time.

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