Berlin Film Festival

Today I took a break from screening 6-7 movies per day. I’m grateful for the experience.

It’s my first time in Berlin, Germany and although I haven’t explored much of it, I do enjoy the scenery.

I’ve never watched so many films in one day — it’s interesting how each director attempts to broadcast perspectives that we aren’t aware of.

It definitely doesn’t look easy and I can’t help but constantly ask how I can turn my book into a film — how I’d do it & all.

Although this experience aides my passion, it also has exhausted me. I’m now aware, after watching tons of art that imitates life, that we all have issues. We all question what the point of life is. We all have tried to kill ourselves a couple of times. And we all struggle with being accepted by our society.

Well, maybe not all, but the human experience is an interesting one for all of us.

But for now, what’s most interesting is snuggling up in this warm hotel bed. I have a few more days of this and then more adventures await.

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