The Japanese Flag

The first day of a period is always flabbergasted with heavy emotions.

I woke up and I cried. I started thinking about how far I’d come. How my childhood began in a dark and shady flat with my immediate family. And how everything has sort of turned into a fairy tale ending.

I began to have vivid memories of this place. It’s a heartfelt memory now.

And then, I began to think about all of the times I just wanted to give love but never got it back.

And I’m glad…I didn’t get it back (now). Because the person that has my heart has given me that fairytale ending.

(And all of those who played me, eat your m*****-f****** out – drizzy). Of course, I’m quoting drake while I’m on my period. It’s bad. I love drake though.

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and tears. I tried to take a nature walk, but for 3 miles I was uncomfortable with where my mind and body was at.

I was also doped up on Benadryl. I got a rash from the antibiotics I took. I’m exhausted.

Anyway, I did get to enjoy sunny and warm weather. North Carolina is nice, I guess.

I just want to be back in NYC and not travel for a little while. Don’t get me wrong, being on the road is great.

But I’ve got to get a more realistic routine together, so that I don’t end up all raggedy when I touch down.

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