Book(s) of the Month

Enheduanna was one of the first authors in the world. She was Sumerian royalty and lived in what is known as Iraq today.

That peeked my interest so I decided to read her poems about Inanna. Which then peeked my interest in more ancient stories from Iraq. Which then made me realize most of these poems she wrote were then used in the Bible. Makes things a little fishy, but they’ve always been fishy.

Anyways, what I mainly got from this was that a lot of people took a lot of time to learn Sumerian and translate it to an English-reading audience. It’s actually really comical because some of these stories really resonate with the ‘oneness’ we celebrate as humans. The gods described in these stories have narcissistic attributes to themselves, for example, certain gods will have people born with disabilities so that they can live to worship them. “The less gods are born to serve the Gods.” Nothing is made to out to be perfect because the stories resonate with times in Mesopotamia. War, deaths, “cults” (as Wikipedia puts it). But also… it tells a tale that many empires have failed to realize. 4000 years ago this civilization put all of their energy into weapons and defending themselves — that the idea of always being ready to fight is what eventually destroyed them.

So that’s deep.

And, unfortunately, war has been around for as long as writing has. I wonder what that says about humanity. 🙃

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