I was sad to wake up to news about my old neighborhood friend passing away (due to a drug overdose.)

He was the most handsome kid in town. Although, he did tease me quite often. So bad, that I even stopped passing by his cul de sac on my way home from school just to avoid him.

And then with time, we forgot about each other.

As a pre-teen, I would fantasize a life with both of us running off into the wild. Corny. Just the thought makes me want to slap my younger self.

We fought. We laughed. We told each other secrets. He back stabbed me once. And then we fought again. And then we started growing apart. I do remember passing by his cul de sac (this time with confidence) and I remember him walking over and saying hi. And I remembered laughing to myself, like “hah! Look who’s being nice now, too late.”

And that was the last time I decided to catch sight of him. By then, I thought I was too cool. I left that neighborhood and made way for a new life. And, I guess he didn’t.

So, now, I’m stuck with this moment of grief… one day, I’ll be back in Washington and I’ll drive by that old neighborhood…and I’ll pass by his cul de sac… and he won’t ever be there again.

It’s interesting how at one point, you can’t get your mind to stop thinking of someone. And then you do stop. Day by day. And suddenly you go years without them ever crossing your mind…. until one day, you get that call that they are gone.

Rest In Peace

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