Growing up

Don’t know if it’s the rain. Or if it was the bad news from yesterday.

But I’ve been feeling down. I wonder if I’m truly happy.

I ran across an old friend’s blog and I just miss her energy 😫 I miss quite a few people. I’m always traveling or doing something that doesn’t involve many people … and don’t get me wrong, I love living this way … but I feel like I’m missing out.

It was super hard to get out of bed today. I forced myself to work out. And then eat. And do all the right things. I’ve neglected my studies.

Of course, there was a full moon in Virgo yesterday. Probably why I’m over criticizing my great life.

Yeah, maybe I don’t get to live in the vulnerable bubble of youth and adventure. But I do have stability and a real life. Growing up is hard. And it’s a boring process. It’s also a process of adapting to newer ways, consistently.

I miss being wild, but it cost me a lot of life. And has left me with a lot of explaining. I l guess, I just don’t want to wear these big girl pants, especially when I lived in shorts and bikinis for so long. *sigh*

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