Marijuana & beach walks

I think it’s time I put a stop on my use of marijuana. I haven’t smoked much in 2018, but just three days ago, I had a little spare time and I bought some… and let’s just say, I’ve gained too much happy weight. I’ve slowed down on my studying. I love it because on one end it makes walks at the beach amazing.

The north eastern wind was going 65 mph last night and here it is still at work. The energy at the ocean was crazy, yo. Felt like it could swoop me up and take me down below in a second. But also — magnetic waves. Nature is beautiful. Science teaches you that.

And the moon was full last night.

It’s beautiful to witness this on the country side. But it’s definitely slowed the show down. I’m on my way to Colorado next week and then Seattle a few weeks after. The two places that have legal marijuana. Let’s see if I can manage not part taking.

I always do this to myself. Like that one time I decided to become a vegetarian right before going to Europe. I guess, I am very difficult but at least I’m not letting anyone put up with it anymore.

Besides, I’ve decided that I’ll be that rich bitch that wakes up to this being her backyard. By then, I can get back into marijuana and beach walks, forever.

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