Getting back into it

Okay, I totally let depression beat my ass this week. A mixture of jet lag, a loss, constantly being on the go and then not being on the go for anything. I crashed. I ate too many dates and nuts. Ugh. I have no excuses tomorrow.

Even if it means starting all over. Pushing yourself to keep going is stamina that needs to be built šŸ˜Ŗ If not for body goals but for mental goals. I got to get back to taking things more seriously.

Spring is ringing around the corner. I have a beautiful body to cater to. I have a beautiful mind to honor. And a beautiful soul to match. Positive affirmations šŸ˜­ I really want to see a picture of myself in a bikini this summer that screams: “you still look 22.” And not for the sake of social media or for anyone to see it, just for the sake of me.

(Btw – Sofia Richie is my new style icon, I’ve seen her in a couple of classic pieces and she’s definitely the next big thing. )

I’m also in need of a serious make over. Like, I’m sure I can use a laser treatment. Oh, and I bought those new vegan vitamins. I need a new eyebrow shape. And possibly Botox! Ha. No, I still get asked for my ID at 26. But I’m not opposed. I can definitely use a little reboot.

A new wardrobe too. I just need to get back to being my pretty self that doesn’t give a ****. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

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