The Temp Agent

I had a dream last night that I was stuck in a temp agents office discussing my future. Mildly interesting, my temp agent knew me as well as my therapist. It went something like this:

Her office was located in the middle of no where. Probably Death Valley or some other deserted plain in America. The office was the size of a small cabin. I entered through the front door and she was sitting there typing away, while stacks of papers clouded her desk.

Agent: “oh! It’s you again. I’m delighted to see you. How is” — she paused and lifted one of the many files in her stash. She reached inside and a flood of receipts poured out. She picked up the first small paper and adjusted her glasses — “how was Berlin? You must have gotten a thrill from reviewing films. I mean, that’s in your realm isn’t it?”

Me: “yeah, it was a pleasant experience.” — I paused, and sat down at her desk, and continued to speak to her through the pyramid of files that hid everything except her eyebrows. “I enjoyed it, but you know, the job title isn’t truly mine. Plus those films, I mean some of the scenes really set off certain triggers in my head.”

Agent: “ah, I see. You know those triggers will eventually become less powerful. Have you been writing?”

Me: “I began my novel, 20 pages or so, and then I lost interest. And dwindled into a depression. That’s why I’m here.”

Agent: “Now, you know I’m not a certified therapist. But I’m assuming you are looking for a new job. One that fits you.” — she smiled with her eyebrows, glanced at the screen and began typing. “Aha! The Desert Inn is looking for a new person to run it. If you run it for over a year, half the place is yours.”

Me: “sounds enchanting. Why does that make you think of me?”

Agent: “Well, you’ve traveled so much. I mean, you practically lived in hotels. Remember that one job I sent you on.” — she began to scratch her forehead. — “The one where you were selling applications for major hotels.”

Me: “right, the one where one of the employees began to cross the line.”

Agent: She nervously giggled. — “well, this one is better. You’re the boss. There is no case of sexual harassment, unless of course, you are the predator yourself… which I highly doubt.” — she let out a big laugh.

Me: “My life must seem like some kind of joke to you, and I don’t blame you, I mean I’ve been in your office more times than your maintenance guy.”

Agent: “well, don’t be silly. The maintenance guy only comes here once a month.”

Me: “I can tell.”

Agent: “Plus, there is Joey. Who is running a failing clothing line. He’s in and out, trying to gather odd jobs so that he could continue purchasing fabric for his line of ‘swap meet chic.’ Unfortunately, the maintenance guy is his only customer”

The agent let out a big laugh and reached for her morning cup of coffee.

Me: “I don’t know. Me? Running a hotel. I mean, I guess I’d get fond of the guests and their stories.”

Agent: “sure! And they may even enjoy the complimentary tea you select.”

Me: “is there anything else on the list?”

Agent: “Well, there is your old job but we both know how we feel about that. It could work for another 2-3 years, but you’d eventually fall into another depression, maybe even a greater one.”

Me: “I can’t have that again, although, it did grant me the freedom I wish I had today.”

Agent: “yes, well, some jobs come with a heavier price. What do you think of landscaping?

Me: “I could do it, but I wouldn’t love it.”

Agent: “Which means you’ll quit in a week.”

Me: “you’re like the aunt I never had.”

Agent: “with love, of course, you are one of my more difficult clients. What’s been bothering you this time?”

Me: “same old, same old. An unfulfilled feeling that gets deeper and darker as time goes by.”

Agent: “hmph, well how about this: ‘make-up artist at morgue needed’ what do you say to that, the listing is detailed as: ‘need someone to lively up the faces of those who are not so alive.”

I looked at the temp agents eyebrows, they were raising up and down. When I didn’t answer her, she had calls to answer. She was a busy woman. I wondered if she ever had time to be unhappy.

Agent: Well, I have another client coming in soon. Should I check you off on that hotel job? Or should we reschedule another time?

I let out a sigh, and then I woke up.

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