In a relationship with my bed.

(The breakfast I made in our cozy winter cabin)

Recently, I’ve had dreams where I can’t get out of my own bed. A few nights ago I dreamt that I had a stove on my bed. I began to sauté some spinach and before I knew it, my bed sheets intertwined with the meal I was preparing. Last night, I dreamt that a friend had to pull me out of bed after spending an exhausting amount of time in it.

Why these dreams?

A common depressive behavior. I remember a friend who had a similar problem, however, she had a young son and sometimes, she slept so long that she didn’t feed him or take him to school. I’d purposely make a lot of visits just so he wasn’t bored or hungry.

Another friend of mine, who I grew up with, had a mother that would do the same. She’d pull all the curtains tight so no light shone through, and would lay in bed all day. This was during high school and my friend had to visit other families for proper meals.

I’m also guilty of spending more time than I need to in bed. It’s a sick habit that has taken a long time to unlearn.

I’ve noticed in life, that an unhealthy relationship with our beds is what triggers the beginning stages of depression.

One should not have phones in the same room where they sleep. Nor should one do any activity besides sleeping or making love on a bed.

These past two weeks, I began to feel a depressive state take over. I tried very hard to fight it by eating healthy, working out (barely but better than nothing), meditating and reading. However, I was still tied to my bed a few hours longer than I should have.

I need to do better, I think that’s why my dreams have been calling me out. It’s obvious what I need to do, it’s just the process of doing that seems to tie me to my bed 😫

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