Real life

(This picture was taken on the way back from hot yoga)

These past few days I’m guilty of sneaking back on social media — mainly just observing what others were posting.

From the outside looking in, I can finally identify with why older generations question why we post what we do…on a daily basis.

Some social media users are selling a product and to reflect how successful their product is, they feel they must glorify their current lifestyles (real or not). It’s the age of the Kardashian — we can sell anything and everything…as long as we look like we know what we are talking about.

For instance, if I posted a bunch of pictures – consistently – of my shoe collection, eventually my followers will trust that I know what the best shoe cleaner is. And therefore I can make a decent profit selling a shoe cleaner. It’s marketing 101. But what if we aren’t actually selling anything?

Are we just lonely-emo-millennials looking for friends/lovers? Are we narcissist that stunt our $65 Chanel hand lotion — as it’s strategically held over our $60k Mercedes logo — held by a well manicured hand? It could be a mix of both.

Since I’ve disappeared on social media, none of the friends that kept up with me online everyday – kept up with me offline. As soon as I posted a picture of what I was eating — I got immediate responses. That’s why it’s all useless to me.

It’s just noise. And not to mention, no matter how much you’ve narrowed your following, you still can’t hide from ridiculous quote-memes that are constantly shaming people. Example of one I saw today: “some of you women shouldn’t call yourselves snacks, more like double cheeseburgers” …. hate is contagious. Imagine a younger generation seeing that and developing an unhealthy relationship with food.

All this does is create noise in your head. This is the first time in our world; where we are being fed more negativity in one day — than a human usually takes in a lifetime — that’s crazy! And what is worse is that these applications have learned how to get us even more addicted.

Let me quote what Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) said in The New Yorker : “I felt like social media was making me less human” — “[on why he doesn’t tell his fans to delete it, like he did] They gon’ kill a —–.”

With that being said, I’m once again attempting to log off. I feel no different than a drug user that goes in and out of rehab. The truth is, real life is much more easy…and beautiful…even if it hurts sometimes:

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