Vegan pot pie

A concoction of veggies + mushrooms + bay leaves + thyme. + coconut cream

The recipe called for biscuits — but biscuits are so high in cholesterol and sodium that I stuck to a French bread. + sautéed spinach!

A vegan pot pie bowl 🙂

Cooking my own meals has become apart of the healing process. Understanding what certain spices do and how they work with each other has been a joy. I can now gloss over a recipe and replace it with healthier substitutes. The process of putting food together has been meditative.

Also, I’m not entirely vegan. Vegan is a lifestyle not just a diet — and I’m definitely not 100% on that. I do engage in animal products 1-3 a month. I think a balanced diet is important … I don’t believe in sticking to fad diets so strictly, unless there are health reasons or it’s a core belief of yours.

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