Aries Season

I knew Aries season started when I woke up with a bossy attitude. Aries and Scorpio are very similar in the way they do things. A Scorpio might cut you off for emotional reasons, whereas, Aries will cut you off for simply doing something they dislike.

And that’s exactly how I’ve started my day. If you’re acting funny or are not on the same journey as me; you gotta go! No need to get all emotional and think of ways to get you back, you’re simply out of my life because you haven’t woken up yet.

One thing I love about Aries is the loyalty they carry in their beliefs. My niece, an Aries, will stop talking to you if you make fun of her or cross her. She won’t get vindictive nor will she accept any gifts from you. She just simply moves on. Whereas when I was her age, if someone crossed me I’d have a plan of attack. Lol!

I woke up this morning realizing that some of my friends are so wrapped up in social media that they don’t take time to tend to the relationships they have in the real world.

Watch this powerful Ted Talk on social media

Our generation is losing real life connections, face to face interaction and emotions to robots. I can no longer connect with certain people because they’re so far into virtual world, that they’ve taken my human existence for granted.

I understand though. I was once so caught up in my phone that I missed out on the company of good people, the view of the sky when the sun set and all of the beautiful rare birds that flew over me. But just because I understand, doesn’t mean I accept.

Back to Aries szn. It’s no wonder that the rams own the month where people start using their gym memberships. I know someone who is working out two times a day and meal planning, just so they can drink shots of tequila (with sugar chasers) without regretting it in July. By Scorpio season, they’ll self destruct and eat everything on the table for thanksgiving.

Everyone wants to look their best for the summer, including me. I plan to do more weight lifting and be consistently active. Pisces season kept me glued to my bed and emotional.

Make it count! The energy is in the air.

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