Telluride, Colorado

Homemade chili from scratch made by me!

Currently playing: Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley. The Nina Simone version is better.

Currently in Telluride, Colorado aka a ski-lover’s resort town. Oprah lives here. Her therapist told her it was the place that made her the happiest.

The place is beautiful. The people? As white as the snow.

Yes, I skied for the first time. A luxury sport. I took private lessons provided by an instructor from New Zealand. I can now successfully stop myself from falling by doing a “pizza” — although, he called it an arrow.

Here is what I like about skiing:

  • You get to be on a mountain
  • You have to focus on your every move = completely eliminating anxiety & stress.
  • It’s just as much as an exercise for your mind, as it is for your body.

What I don’t like: it’s expensive!

I guess it had to be. According to an angry local, Telluride is getting so full with tourist, that the mountain is losing it’s snow.

Mind you, she was the most stand offish person I’d met in Telluride. (The NY in me made me like her) I let her complain about tourist’s use of the bathrooms – and how the city had to pay a lot for them to blow extra snow on the mountain.

“Global warming is awful.”

“I wouldn’t use that term for it.” she said.

She also corrected the other passengers on the lift; when they spoke about which direction the wind was coming in from.

I wish I would’ve asked her how the Ute tribe felt since she also bought property on stolen land. *cough cough* She must have been having a bad day.

Besides her, everyone is nice. I mean, really nice. Like too nice… or maybe it’s because I live in NYC. The city, where, if you get sick on the subway and MTA stops everyone — you’ll hear someone yell: “why you gotta get sick for? We got places to be.”

The town looks heavenly. And the stars shine bright. I’m almost positive that my phone picked up alien activity.

The town is filled with yoga studios, kombucha bars, vegan delights and overall really good food.

Although it lacks diversity, it doesn’t lack the art of Eastern and Native Cultures.

Shops that sell Ute and Navajo rugs, Buddhist inspired yoga studios and trustafarians. (Google: Niceness the band).

At first I thought, is this going to be a snowboarding bro-town; where brosephs wear tribal customs whilst playing beer pong?

No… well, not quite. Just snow-hippies — or as my yoga instructor referred to herself as “gyspy” — mind you, only in the United States is the term “gypsy” acceptable. If I went home to my mother and told her I had a gypsy soul … she’d slap me back to Iraq.

So, a lot of cultural appropriation … fortunately, some of the people here really know what they are talking about … so, I guess I can overlook it.

That’s besides the point. There happens to be a large population of people who have left their big city life to embark on life in a small town.

Which I don’t understand!

Telluride is small. I see the same people more than once. I don’t like that. Small towns scream gossip — however, people seem understanding of everyone’s journey here. Must be the marijuana shops.

In fact, I was told twice that the biggest crime in town is people getting too drunk and bikes being stolen. The third being a combination of the two; someone getting so drunk that they take the wrong bike.

I give this place a thumbs up on the count that it’s trying and that Oprah lives out here.

I’d say it’s like the Miami of snow towns, minus the horrendous crimes. It’s a fast growing city that is by far the most interesting place I’ve visited.

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you love Mary Jane, mountains, skiing/snowboarding and blue grass music. Are you into luxurious resort towns? Yes. Are you a yogi milf/bro? This is your place.

Best Restaurant: 221 South Oak — vegan? Meat eater? Doesn’t matter, this female chef makes food that tastes like cash money records.

Best fast food: Taco Del Gnar — a Seattle inspired dive bar with very good tacos! (Great vegan selections)

I have a few more days in this town so I might add to this post, until then, I’ll be flying high with the aliens here.

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