Imperialists in sheeps clothing

From a young age, I’ve always enjoyed not taking up much space. My first car was a very small Yaris. My favorite apartment was a small studio that had a common out door living area. The idea of a tiny home seems to bring those two fantasies into something real.

(This photograph was taken from The Shady Dell Website)

I started growing an interest for motels when I first fell in love with photographs of motel culture. A coffee table book titled Motel Fetish by Chas Ray Krider, caught my eye. Not for it’s soft-porn images of motel prostitutes sitting on minimalistic furniture inside of a vintage (truck-stop-looking) motel — No, it was due to the fact that it held the true essence of living on the road; the simplicity of affordable travel, tacky hotels and the beautiful people.

It seems that there is a growing fascination for “tiny houses.” Homes that are affordable in size, mobile if need be and eco-friendly. The one above is called the “ecocapsule” which looks to resemble the airstream of the 1950’s. It’s equipped with solar panels + other different alt sources of energy … that make it so you can live off-grid. The only issue is, you’ll need to survive off of people — meaning a group. A group of traveling souls is a gypsy, right? The issue stands in how many people I actually know that want that kind of life. Not many.

Well, these tiny homeowners are just more ‘woke’ and have mastered minimalism in a consumer-frenzy country.

So id say, I’m somewhere between fulfilling a fantasy slash creating eco-friendly travel. I can’t live on the road but I can live in that setting.

Travelers are the most interesting people. Not for where they’ve been, but for where we have not.

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