Today, I watched a father get wide-eyed over the images of his children skiing. It was a beautiful sight to see. Proud parents is a popular theme in Telluride. Everyone keeps saying: “it’s a great place to raise kids.” Which I don’t understand because there is no diversity. I wouldn’t imagine well-raised children not being amongst peers from different backgrounds. But whatever — literally, everyone kept saying it. I did intend on asking how…but I had bigger fish to fry and that was mastering skiing.

Something everyone also kept saying was: “get lessons from an instructor. Friendships/relationships have been ruined otherwise.” And nothing could be more true. The devil’s tongue comes out of you when someone close to you tells you to just “do that thing” so you don’t fall… but you keep falling.

“This is why no one wants to be around you.” – Me having a tantrum over almost dying on the mountain peak… a place you don’t take beginners. I have a big bruise that my ‘instructor’ said could’ve been a bigger one if they didn’t fall on me. Whatever. We had a big laugh about it.

But I mastered skiing.

I’ve realized that I am not easy to teach. Trust me, I’d rather be on a beach laying in a hammock…but I needed to understand why people loved snow sports so much. And to be honest, it’s what everyone makes it to be.

It also helps you focus on one thing for so long that your anxiety completely diminishes. Until someone decides to take you to the mountain peak. *cough*

I’m learning. I’m moving mountains while moving on one. My world has slowly been changing and I’m running into questions like: Am I really happy? And how does that really make me feel?

And then I get asked: Do you really know what love is?

I don’t. But I’m learning. I’m moving mountains while I’m moving on one.

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