Home alone.

Today is the first day I get to myself. I welcomed it with meditation and reading The New York Times.

According to the briefings, Trump is still going bananas and generation Z is doing amazing things like taking a stand on serious issues & not doing all the risky stuff 90s kids were into. However, this article did point out a correlation with iPhone use and suicide/depression rates getting higher. Kids are locking themselves in their bedrooms and hanging out on social media versus going out and getting into car accidents.


I have hot yoga today and some light cardio. Once I’m finished I’m heading to the grocery store, cooking and then preparing my taxes. I’m taking my time and readjusting to this time zone… Boy, does traveling knock it out of you. I’ve got it down to a science now, all of the built up energy I had last night went to cleaning my apartment! Yay, for a fresh start.

I plan on sticking to a healthy regimen. Last week, I challenged myself by meditating and running every morning. This week, I’m just going to be focused on meditating and simply being active everyday. Let’s see what this week brings….

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