One time there was a full moon and sitting next to me was a friend I met along the road.

I spoke out loud: “I wish to be rich.”

And he said: “That’s what you’re wishing for.”

I was angry.

“How dare you go against my wishes.”

I’d been poor for too long. I struggled to get by. I lost everyone in the process.

“Just don’t be upset if that’s not for you.”

Maybe he was right. Some people get the luxury of being born into a rich family. They get to go to the school that gives them the job they always want. Their parents introduce them to a boy who is equally handsome and rich. The biggest worry they have is getting anxiety on the plane ride to Ibiza.

Well being poor only made me afraid of real things. I don’t even care about getting raped anymore. I’ve been getting raped on my road to riches -and suddenly, I’m starting to realize … that maybe …. being rich isn’t for me.

Maybe that’s why I’m upset.

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