Selfie queens

In a world full of selfies, who are we?

I did the undoable; as soon as I woke up I grabbed my phone and looked at Instagram. Days are better started not touching your phone — but, I’m only human. I haven’t really participated in social media for a while, I’ve just been an observer. And, I have to say, it really begins to look ridiculous the farther away you are from it.

Even the night before, I hung out with a few girls close to my age and they had to snap every moment, drink and dance. It didn’t bother me, I would do the same in the past…I guess. I don’t know, maybe my soul is old. Being overexposed is not fun to me. Although, I used to get my confidence from comments and likes, I get it… I get it. I guess I just grew out of it, I guess I just evolved.

The population of people my age that are not as connected to social media seems scarce, and that’s why I’m bothered by it. I wish there were more evolved 26 year olds that weren’t glued to the virtual world.

Conversation I heard in grocery store amongst two older women:

So she’s looking for a boyfriend and I told her to go out there and start dating. And she goes ‘I know, I’ve been watching YouTube videos on first dates…’ and I’m like, what?! YouTube?! You’re going to trust someone on YouTube? Doesn’t she know that person is so lonely and bored that they are making videos on youtube to get attention?

I wanted to high-five the woman. It was the funniest and most honest thing I had heard that day.

(Side note, I’m sure the dating scene has changed so much that you do need a how-to-video to tell you how to deal with your first Tinder date).

We are lonely. So we seek validation and friendships online by creating personas. Whether you are a dating guru on YouTube or a selfie queen, you want the affirmation of followers. It could translate to fame, riches and a boost in ego.

Upon watching Wild Wild Country, which is primarily about Osho’s cult and America’s response to it, I’ve laughed at the term ‘followers.’ Social media is cult like, you press follow on a page that advertises something you like (or maybe someone you worship). Shortly after, you’ll find yourself buying products that followers are recommended to buy — simply to feel like you’re apart of something … or in more creepy terms, to feel like you are that person you follow.

The only place where I’ve been able to find peace of mind is my yoga studio. You can’t have your cell phone on you. People look in each other’s eyes and smile. The instructor talks about the common pain we face everyday. It’s like how real life is supposed to be.

More specifically, this studio is in Queens — where there is enough diversity to respectfully make an ancient practice feel sacred and real.

So yeah. My days are filled with yoga, meditation, cooking, exercising, walking outdoors, reading, finding stuff and dreaming.

Dreaming of a world where we can all be transparent…together.

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