The evolution.

I’m a fan of astrology because it helps one look into themselves and grow. Improvement of self takes place when one is vulnerably honest with themselves. That ‘man in the mirror’ moment that Michael Jackson sang about.

Evolving has a limit with many people because facing yourself can be brutal. However, it’s within those humbling experiences where we learn how to truly love ourselves.

So, I began reading about the 7 symbols in my star sign, which is Scorpio. Each symbol is a progression in human evolvement.

The first symbol is the spider, which is the lowest on the evolutionary scale. The spider symbolizes child-like behavior; spoiled, mean and self-centered. Which is either out grown or never experienced depending on the child’s upbringing. However many people don’t evolve past this stage. (Cough, psychopaths?)

The second is the scorpion itself. The scorpion represents immaturity, jealousy and a harsh temper.

The third is the lizard which is more relaxed, an observer but also very stagnant and still fond of revenge. This form is dangerous to stay in as it creates way for depression and other medical ailments.

Fourth comes the serpent, a snake, known to be dangerous if provoked. The venom is lethal. And it’s usually used when the lives of loved ones are at stake. So in many ways the Scorpio has learned to pick & choose their battles. The serpent strikes in the fear of not surviving instead of plotting revenge for fun.

Fifth comes the wolf, a time when Scorpios go off on their own. Solitude means peace. However, much like the serpent, if family life is threatened it will attack.

Sixth is the eagle or dove. In this stage of evolvement the Scorpio has matured. It becomes spiritual and no longer seeks revenge but instead leaves it up to God. Like the eagle, the Scorpio watches over everyone and becomes a solid guardian.

The seventh symbol is the Phoenix, a mythological creature who rises from it’s own ashes. The Scorpio is fully mature at this point. It has gone through the destroying process and has recreated itself into a more peaceful, spiritual and loving person.

In my current life stage, I’m somewhere between the wolf and the eagle. I’ve dealt with outgrowing my immature ways and getting people back. It began as a thirst for revenge and later turned into a survival tool. Since I’m no longer in survival mode, I’ve neglected being vindictive. I’ve now accepted the laws of the universe and karma is real. However, I’m still wolf-like in the sense that if my loved ones are threatened I will do what I have to do to protect them. I’m getting close to evolving into the eagle due to my efforts in interning for a non-profit organization. I’ve found that in my own evolution, the lessons I’ve learned from my past are a great example that can be used by adolescents to learn from.

I hope that this work will lead me into my final stage of enlightenment: the Phoenix. I’m learning not to bark at time, instead flow with it. The good thing is, I’ve outgrown my childish behavior. Being in-between the wolf and the eagle is a great place to be at 26.

I want to serve the world, in whatever way I can. I’ve had the lucky opportunity to migrate to the US as a refugee. When I watch the news, I see my people getting killed and oppressed. That could’ve been me, but the universe gave me a chance. This humbling experience has put me in debt with the universe. I’ve now realized everything I’ve been through up to this point was to help me evolve into a helper, healer and server.

When I was doing bad shit and hanging around with bad people, the universe shook me up. I wanted to end my life because it got so hard, but some powers wouldn’t let that happen. I ended up in a hut with an old friend who helped me turn on the flashlight in a dark path.

This is how I saw God. This is how I met God. I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, nature, black or white. I just know God is real. And now I know with the position that I’m in, I’ve been granted the opportunity to serve.

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