Live with the Sun.

I noticed the funny little things today when I was taking a walk to hot yoga. I was watching how people communicated with one another or when they were walking alone. One Greek woman who looked to be above the age of 90 was walking with a cane but with such a speedy stillness. She was carrying a loaf of French bread in her basket. The cherry blossoms were covering our heads from the rays of the sun. Just a couple of block later n older couple arguing over the trash. A bunch of kids who just got out of recess were cheering for joy. I spotted the happiest kid running around in circles. and then a group of boys who were rounding up for a fight. I don’t know what was going on before this but have I always been this mindful or is this a new discovery? I mean, I have a keen memory of things. It would be interesting to write what I see each morning. I nearly get an hour of walking in…but I might jog there tomorrow. Note to self: you’re not a night person, nor are you a nap person. you’re a early morning and early nights person. Live with the sun. That’s what I’ll call this mindful walk series.

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