Living with the sun (2)

Before I get into my mindful walk this morning (and pretty much all afternoon)…I want to talk about how I feel at this exact moment. My body is feeling vulnerable to the emotions that have filled me up today. It’s the same lightness you feel after giving your energy to someone you love. It’s probably the same amount of fragility the butterfly first feels when breaking out of it’s cocoon. I want to cry both tears of joy and sorrow. Joy for how beautiful today was, and sorrow for the days I took it for granted.

I didn’t get much sleep last night which has been the norm this past week. I still maintained to jog back and forth on the way to hot pilates. I passed by more homes than people. The houses here are old but charming. It was a rainy day and each of them had turned into their darkest shade. The balcony gates and door knobs glistened from the cleaning of the showers. It’s spring time and everything is blooming.

The people that I saw on my way to the studio mainly consisted of older men and women with babies. I decided to quickly but kindly smile at each one of them, especially the ones who had frowns on their faces. They must have questioned why someone was smiling and running at the same time. I probably did look oddly happy.

I even surprised myself, I didn’t run out of breath once. Anyway, most people were happy to smile back. It was almost like we were all thinking: “Here is my facial recognition for the day.” We miss out on that so often because either our heads are down or we are looking at our phone…or both.

Once I got to the yoga studio I realized I showed up way too early, that’s how fast I ran…nice! On my way out, I ran back and I noticed more people filling up the streets. It’s honestly interesting how many people from all walks of life are around me, it feels very wholesome. To see different generations and colors all walking on one block. When walking, I am more aware of small details. When I run, I’m able to compile a lot of these small details and pick up on the bigger picture.

This simple quote written on a street lamp is the bigger picture.

This is going to happen way more.

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