I don’t think men understand the terrible power that shame has on women.

We all know that popular saying: “when a man sleeps with a dozen of women he is celebrated, yet when a women does the same she is scrutinized by society.”

A mistress is a cruel character but the husband of the wife that chose her is high-fived and overlooked as “just being a man with needs.”

Men don’t understand the powerfully negative effect shame has on women. A man who has slept with a dozen women can enter any room with a smile…whereas, a woman, can do the same and may not enter the room in fear of being subjected as sick, disgusting cruel or worse not being taken serious.

Shame drives social anxiety. It can drive you to sit at home and avoid the world.

But men don’t understand this. Men overlook the anxieties of women by categorizing them as “crazy.” It’s unfair. I’m tired of explaining myself to the privileged. I can’t be a teacher of every ignorant thought.

I question if I am fit for a relationship like this. Where the significant other constantly needs explaining. And later, is in complete oblivion when the explainer becomes flustered with constantly explaining. I have better things to discuss.

It’s a man’s world, (more specifically a white man’s world). They laugh at our misery, they mock our insecurities. Yet without us, they would lack every artful aspect of life. And this, they do not see until we leave. Until I leave.

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