Live your truth

Everyday I run across articles, books, youtube videos, poems and blogs that identify transition into awareness. Whether it’s through the form of self-love, gender identity or faith, everyone is fixated on finding themselves.

A lot of these authors or speakers touch on other people’s judgements towards their process.

Evil gains power when we repress the true identity of ourselves. So why do some of us cast a blockage on ones path to divinity? Is it hurting us? Is it threatening us? In my opinion, it’s because we are afraid of what we might find in ourselves…which is raw human emotion and soul.

I myself have unintentionally stunted one’s growth into transition. Just as certain negative voices play in my head (from people judging me without knowing better), I may be that voice in someone’s head. Have you gone through life without making someone feel odd or left out? Run for president. hah.

I’m living more mindfully these days. Maya Angelou’s infamous quote: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

As stated before, there is more harm in repressing identity than allowing it. Live your truth.

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