You come to my mind a lot. and when you do I feel a calmness. Your energy was always calming to me. Usually, people with that sort of energy pull away from the world. Everyone is in need of that calmness and you can’t just be a giver. You’ll exhaust yourself.

I took that energy from you and it healed me. I no longer have you in my life. I may have gotten greedy, but so did you. Maybe, we were both secretly mad that our union ended. We were a dangerous duo. You let the sand crawl under your feet. I let the wind push me in new directions. I’m itching for an adventure with you. To gain a moment of clarity.

You questioned the stars just as much as I did. A thirst for an untamed schedule. A dying will to feel joy.

But also, I’m haunted by the betrayal. I’m a friend not an enemy, I just need the reassurance. So I hope.

In the mean time, I can only sit back and enjoy the little view I have of you.

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