Jet lag in Pompei

Day one in Naples. I got to explore Pompei which was an ancient town that was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Interesting fact: the residents of the many homes believed in Egyptian religions and often praised Greek mythology by putting the works of the Gods up.

Although ancient, these people seemed to be a little more in touch with reality. Prostitutes were paying taxes, the human body was not shamed, slaves were becoming liberated and diversity was celebrated.

The place goes back a century before Christ.

It’s funny how our world goes forward and backwards at the same time.

It’s 4 A.M. and I’m plagued by articles about the death of an artist (Xxxtentacion).

On one hand he seemed to have touched a lot of young people’s lives with his lyrics about suicide…and on the other he’s also guilty of raping & beating women. One who was pregnant with his child. He’s also been accused of almost killing a cell mate that may or may not have identified with being gay.

People are angry at each other. How do we scream “Me too” one day and then sympathize the death of a rapist the next?

It’s true. We should be angered. We should be questioning this…. I’m not mourning over an abuser’s death. Nor am I happy that he died.

But what I’m seeing today versus what was happening centuries ago is interesting. People idolized Gods, Goddesses, saints and prophets. Today… our children idolize abusers, drug addicts, sociopaths, killers, racists…. the list goes on.

Xxxtentacion clearly had underlying issues… but why was he brought to the light? He was/is a product of a generation that is sickeningly warped.

I’m not here to throw judgement or fear. That’s between God and him.

I’m here to question the lessons we can learn from those lives that are put under a microscope. What can we learn from all of this?

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