There is power in believing in your own beauty.

There is beauty in believing in your own power.

I used to say: “I can’t identify with who I was in the past.”

Okay, so maybe I didn’t make the smartest decisions … and there are many moments where I couldn’t even begin to describe what the f%#* I was thinking when I did that.

But to not identify? No. I do. I was once a young girl pressured by society to conform to a standard that was unnatural.

How could I not identify with that?

I hurt myself. It’s no wonder, I broke out and went crazy.

An awakening of the soul.

I meet myself everyday.

The stubble on my arms and legs and even on my back. The texture of my curls that once used fire to straighten it… or so I thought.

I went insane trying to straighten everything out.

My nose, my hair, my hips and my flare.

The breakage opened up cracks when there were no doors. I had to slip and fall through so that I could rise.

Power arises when beauty is a rose.

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