It’s a full moon which means my menstrual cycle is kicking in. It’s dope because it means my body is in tune with the universe. But it also means I’m extra sensitive and easily irritated.

Could it be the fact that some street merchant “accidentally” hit me with a fan and caused me to spill my coffee on my lap. Out of all of the people sitting down at the restaurant I was the chosen one. Damn it. Should’ve bid on the lottery.

Or could it have been the 80 year old woman who thought I was coming on to her 20 year old boy toy.

Or was it another older white man who began to squirm in his seat when I brought up racial matters — and then proceeded to hit me with the “but you look white.”

And? Does that mean racial issues aren’t an issue? No, you’d rather talk about football. Another organization that is run like a slave ship.

Everyone and everything is pissing me off. I have the right to be angry. People have been treating me unfairly — too often. They think they can say/do/assume anything they want.

“Why is she here? And what does she really do?” Type of questions.

Sometimes I want to grab them by the neck and give them a dose of reality.

The underlying issue of my anger is frustration.

I’m sick of feeling this way. I’m sick of tolerating these ignorant crowds of people. I’m sick of being sick of it. But why haven’t I done anything about it?! Frustration. Fear. Stagnancy. Ugh. Never having time for myself.

I don’t want to put a smile of my face…no…I just want to tear the world apart.

Now I’m left with pieces of these worlds I’ve destroyed. And somehow, I have to piece it together…you know, to make a better one. But this summer breeze … ugh … focus. Focus. Focus.

They don’t want you to win *dj Khaled voice*

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